Electronic Medical Records Solutions

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Electronic Medical Records Solutions

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) offer great benefits for patients and their doctors. EMR software providers make it possible for electronic medical records to be shared among patients, doctors and other medical providers to offer important information such as blood type, prescribed drugs, medical conditions and other aspects of a patient's medical history.

However, 90% of EMR software does not offer an Xray imaging interface.

Now, XRayscan.com and Radiology Services Online provide a linkable cloud computing module that enables EMR software to bring teleradiologists full Dicom zero-footprint online imaging with one login to your EMR software. There is nothing to buy, nothing to install, nothing to set up for users, so your support requirements are minimal.

We store and host all images, provide backups and restore information with little more than a new pull down on your EMR software menu. We meet all HIPPA-required compliances, so patients' privacy is assured and security is provided via our image-hosting software. No bulky images are saved in or running through your EMR software, so your software runs smoothly and is not bogged down by large images.

We provide true hanging protocol and we support moving modalities with windows, leveling and gamma.

  • Radiologists can see all patient information and view X-rays on PACS monitors with the click of a single button.
  • Radiology Services Online can tell how many monitors are being used and automatically put the images in order.
  • Radiologists can set their video display preferences, and can flip, rotate, stop, repeat, pre-fetch, loop and for PETS, use a step-through function, all HIPPA compliant.
  • Our PACS imaging compression can read and write most PACS SYSTEMS.

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