Solution for Mobile X-Ray and Ultrasound Providers

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Solutions for Mobile X-Ray and Ultrasound Providers

We saw a need to unite the radiologist, the technician and the facility to create a fast, versatile and economically viable solution, which enables the images and data to be seen and stored online. Automation has become a key factor in keeping costs down and increasing efficiency to remain competitive in the mobile x-ray/imaging industry. RSO will keep you ahead of the competition.

RSO's Provider Services:

Web Login

You have the ability to login securely over the internet, which means there is no need to buy any hardware or software. In addition the latest features are made available to you at no extra charge.

Central Order Scheduling

RSO enables all your facilities, office personnel, and service providers to schedule orders into one central location.


You can send automatic wireless messages for dispatch using our color coded screen.

Requisition Form

Facilities can login and utilize professionally formatted requisition forms, or they can be auto-faxed from the provider back to your facility.


RSO's program has transcription built in. Transcriptionists can load patient reports in PDF format or enter information using our template. You can also automatically load reports from your radiologist by entering the findings and conclusions, and the system will generate a professional report.

Patient Reports

Facilities are able to electronically view patient records anywhere, at any time, and avoid the risk of losing paper documents.

Medical Records

All your medical records will be centralized in safe, secure computer data storage facilities so it is easy to search for patient reports anywhere, anytime.

DICOM Images

Your facilities and radiologists can easily view and manipulate images online with RSO, eliminating the need for expensive VPN hardware and software.

Claim Billing Selection

Facilities can login at any time and make the PPS billing determination, freeing up valuable time for billing administrators.

PPS Invoicing

RSO provides a complete PPS billing and receivables system-professional invoices and statements enable the provider to stay on top of payments.


Our billing reports will enable you to manage the day-to-day details of your business, or you can get a snapshot using our Revenue Summary Report. Our professional reports are available in real-time, so you never have to wait until the end of the month to see where you stand financially.

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