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RSO Process Description

Radiology Services Online offers the most comprehensive web-based storage, exchange, and interpretation of images for radiology providers.

  • Maintain & Track Patient Information
  • Maintain Digital & Digitized Images
  • Create & Issue Radiology Reports
  • Manage & Maintain Billing for Your Service

Main RSO Process

RSO Involves 4 Main Roles Into Process:
  1. Customer (Facility user) - registers exam requests, controls its flow and receives reports (via Web or Fax) and images. RSO provides facility application for customers. Facility application is a personal work area for customer, it provides the following main functions:
    1. Customer-Active patient list - contains registered uncompleted exam requests. User can register new patients and exams, can add new exams for existing patients, can edit existing exam properties;
    2. Completed patient list - contains completed exam requests, provides reports and images;
    3. Invoice list - contains bills from client.
  2. Client (Client admin) - manages customers (facility users) by creating new facility for each customer. As minimum, client should define billing rules, technicians list and radiologists list for each facility.
  3. Technician - receives exam requests from facilities, uploads images for exams. Technician works can be managed by client using dispatching functionality (sms, email, fax). Images can be uploaded via HTTP, FTP and DICOM. Technician can complete tasks using:
    1. Active patient list - contains active tasks (exams). It provides exams creation, exams assignment and exams editing functionality;
    2. Completed patient list - allows technician to view completed exams and images;
    3. Exception list - contains reactivated exams.
  4. Radiologist - studies images, writes or transcribes reports. Images can be received via DICOM and customized RSO client or studied from RSO web directly. The radiologist can write reports in web directly or upload these as scanned images (pdf, tiff, etc).
Additional roles:
  1. Transcriber - transcribes dictated reports;
  2. Consultant - customer (facility user) can send temporary exam link to consultant. Consultant interface allows viewing of reports and images.
Download More Detailed RSO Process PDF